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Laguna Beach

Five Cheese Hot Honey Pepperoni

Housemade marinara, mozzarella, asaigo, fontina, parmesan, provolone, extra all-natural pepperoni, hot honey, fresh torn oregano

10" Small $12.9514" Large $22.9518" X Large $27.9510" Gluten Free $15.9514" Gluten Free $26.9510" Cauliflower $15.95
SAUCES*:Housemade Marinara Basil Pesto BBQ Sauce Buffalo Sauce Chipotle Marinara Korean BBQ Sauce Organic Tomato Sauce Roasted Garlic Sauce Thai Peanut Sauce White Sauce
Crust 10in:Regular Wheat Gluten Free +$3Cauliflower +$3
Ingredient Five Cheese Hot Honey Pepperoni (NEW):No Housemade marinara No mozzarella No asaigo No fontina No parmesan No provolone No extra all-natural pepperoni No hot honey No fresh torn oregano NO on Right NO on Left
Sauce (choose 1 Free) 10in:Red marinara Tomato Sauce Hickory bbq sauce Buffalo sauce Creamy white sauce Housemade roasted garlic sauce Organic basil pesto sauce Chipotle pesto sauce Pink sauce (blend of red and white) Spicy peanut sauce Thai Chili Extra Sauce +$0.75
Cheese (choose 1 Free) 10in:Part-Skim Mozzarella (Our Standard) Whole milk mozzarella Diaya vegan cheese No Cheese Extra cheese +$1.50
Gourmet cheeses 10in:Feta +$1.25Gorgonzola +$1.25Provolone +$1.25Grated Parmesan +$1.25Ricotta +$1.25Smoked mozzarella +$1.25Four cheese Italian blend (parmesan, asagio, fontina, provolone) +$1.25Cotija Cheese +$1.25
Meat 10in:All-Natural Chicken Breast +$1.50All-Natural Pepperoni +$1.50All-Natural Smoked Ham +$1.50All-Natural Uncured Genoa Salami +$1.50All Natural Hamburger Crumble +$1.50Anchovies +$1.50Bacon +$1.50BBQ Chicken Breast +$1.50Fennel Sausage +$1.50Lemon Pepper Chicken +$1.50Lime Chicken +$1.50Meatball +$1.50
Veggies 10in:Artichokes heart +$1.25Arugula +$1.25Avocado +$1.25Baby heirloom tomatoes +$1.25Bell pepper +$1.25Black Olives +$1.25Button Mushrooms +$1.25Caramelized onions +$1.25Cremini mushrooms +$1.25Fresh garlic +$1.25Fresh mango +$1.25Greek olives +$1.25Guacamole crema +$1.25Jalapenos +$1.25Pepperoncini +$1.25Pineapple +$1.25Red onions +$1.25Roasted eggplant +$1.25Roasted garlic cloves +$1.25Roasted pine nuts +$1.25Roasted red peppers +$1.25Roasted zucchini +$1.25Roma Tomato +$1.25Shiitake mushrooms +$1.25Spinach +$1.25Sweet corn +$1.25Vegan chorizo +$1.25Vegan crumbles +$1.25
Gourmet oils/drizzles 10in:Extra Virgin olive oil +$0.25Pili pili chili oil +$0.25Truffle oil +$0.25Hickory bbq drizzle +$0.25Hawaiian pineapple bbq drizzle +$0.25Hot Honey +$0.25Truffle honey +$0.25Carolina gold drizzle (sweet tangy mustard bbq +$0.25
Fresh herbs and toppings (4 free) 10in:Rosemary Thyme Green onion Diced serrano chili Cilantro Oregano Parsley Crushed chipotle flakes Gourmet finish salt Fresh ground peppercorns Lemon pepper Additional herbs +$0.50Basil
Sides 10in:Side Ranch +$0.25Side Jalapeno +$0.50Side Marinara
Special Instructions:Double-cut Light baked Light Sauce Well Done Heart-Shaped Marinara on side Cheese/pepper packets Plates Napkins Utensils